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Welcome to A Better You Health & Wellness Center, where we provide compassionate mental health services and support tailored to your unique needs. Your path to a brighter future begins today.

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How We Help and Support A Better you


Health Services

Discover our comprehensive range of mental health services. We offer Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs, and more―all designed to empower and support you on your journey to a healthier, happier life. Experience personalized care with our dedicated team, committed to your well-being.

Referral Is Needed In Order To Receive Support.

Our Process Is Effective and Simple

How It Works

Here at A Better You, we focus on helping people through our 4-step comprehensive approach to mental health care.



We proactively identify risk factors and implement strategies to reduce the likelihood of mental health issues arising or escalating.



Our team provides timely, targeted support to address emerging mental health concerns and prevent further deterioration.



Personalized, evidence-based therapies are tailored to each individual's needs, promoting recovery and well-being.



Empowering clients with knowledge and skills to better understand, manage, and maintain their mental health long-term.

Community Referrals and Resources


Programs & Support

Explore A Better You’s Community Programs & Support, providing assistance and counseling for help with housing, food, Social Security Insurance, job placement, and crucial transportation services for a brighter tomorrow.

Housing & Food

We offer essential resources to secure safe, affordable housing and nutritious food options for individuals and families in need.

Income Security & S.S Disability Insurance

Access vital financial support through our SSI and SSDI assistance, guiding you in obtaining benefits for disability, blindness, or age-related needs, fostering stability and independence.

Job Placement Resources

We connect job seekers with employment opportunities, skill-building workshops, and career counseling, fostering self-sufficiency and long-term success.

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About Us

A Better You was founded in response to the growing need for mental health support, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.
Driven by a passion for empowering individuals and families, our mission is to provide personalized guidance and resources to help people overcome life’s challenges.

Our certified team is dedicated to understanding each person’s unique needs and offering tailored solutions. We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency and long-term success, building a brighter tomorrow together.

Our Values





Experienced & Licensed Professionals

Meet Our Team

Aisha Jackson

Founder & CEO

Keisha Woods

Administrative Professional

Tiera York Jones

Lead Clinical Social Worker, Therapist

Angel Keil

Clinical Social Worker, Therapist


Read some of the experiences our clients have had working with us.


Joseph Flood

This healing experience has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and I’m so glad A Better You Health & Wellness was there to help me do just that!


Faith Jackson

Professional and caring team of people. The therapist Cecelia is the best!!

A Better You